Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Usim Life Campus

huh... life is complicated..
My friend and her friend were attend a program in Usim for 4 days n 3 nights. They were lucky to be invited as they were only the delegate for their school to grap all da information bout da tamhidi.
The program was held smoothly although all of them frequently kene wait for 1 hour for an activities to start. Homosapien always like that. haha. So, what my friend said, she learned many things there- Rohani or Jasmani.. Betullah kata pepatah "banyak org byk ragam".. Then she relised that ade org yg lucky dari die n ade org lagi worst dari die.. All wat had she learned and must be share wif everyone..( note version..huhu)
1. Zaman skrg although dah 18 years old tapi still x tertinggal untuk admire
seorang participant ikhwah n took his picture sesenyap.. ade ke lagi org
2. Ikhtilat nowdays " x de la dasyat sangat" setakat amek picture ikhwah
face to face n mintak email n phone dieorg (kire biodata la tuh) untuk
personal collection...
n ikhwah tu merelakan n bagi diorg punya private n cofidential data to
Girl yang die x kenal.. (brani tuh)

3. Show her boyfriend picture and tell salasilah boyfriend sebelumnyer to a
friend yg
baru kenal for 4 days?? ( huh tahap keprcayaan tahap karma)

4. A participant tuh amek 18 subject untuk buktikan budak SBP pun boleh
berjaya n
dpt 16 A for his trial... (ape2 je boleh berlaku if ade usaha
and ME???)
5. Everyone in my room study really hard for their subjects although for
arabic essei.. espicially the medicine n account student..
6. Beli cendrahati untuk ahli keluarga, soo sweet, susah nk cari org yg sentiasa ingat kat family w/pun pergi prog yg x sediakan aktiviti shopping.

Banyak lagi but let it be the history... and everything happend for budak "skola agama" n syariah arab students..

Everything in life that will be the one that teach us how to grow....
This life must ade tujuan n matlamat + spirit...
me... where to go??? '_'