Sunday, June 5, 2011

cherish your life in dunya


Sometimes, sitting alone will bring us thinking out of proportion unconsciously.  kan? All those quaint things can suddenly emerge on your mind screen. I did it too. Once, i thought- how can i grow up so fast? Feels like was born yesterday..huhu


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I bet 90%  of people do not realise that they already grown up! T'hat's why we can see old  adult acting like a teenager. Accepted assumption huh?  or you can flashback on your 20th birthday- what did you think on 00:00 am that day? "It's my birthday again. Eh, am I 20 today? next year dah boleh mengundi...old"... time running so fast.
how come 20 years= 7300 days=175200 hours=10512000 minutes become too short?

let's see the time line.
1991: Doctor: " congratulation sir, you got a cute baby girl!"
          Abouji: Alhamdulillah!!!
1992: Still a mere kid that cannot remember or understand anything. Or  you did? *sceptical

1993-1994: We did a lot of stuffs but can't remember it. Maybe a little of them.

1995: Went to kindergarten.Playing, Fighting, studying (seriously study?). *wink

1998: Went to primary school.. The most enjoying life. Started a business by selling stickers to friends..hehe

2003: It's senior year. Although they just 12, they acting like a mature person and started to "usha" aulad. haha. and then someone had issued a statement: " Amboi, UPSR pun x lepas lagi, ade hati nak ada buah hati.. you still got a long journey to go la.. PMR, SPM, Uni.."

2006: Struggling for PMR. Once my friend said " Don't you think that we wasting our times for 3 years studying PMR subject if we don't get 9 A's?  We only will be tested for 5 days for what we had learn."

2008: Faced another important exams. Don't you think we were having exam oriented system? huhu.. Somehow, you must do it well if you dreaming to continue study in university. :)

2009: Eh, result SPM dah keluar? cepatnye. And University life started. Although we hold the title of "mahasiswa", obviously, some of them can't adapt it. They still, quarrel one another, clique,selfish. aiya.

2011: More mature than before. Pondering "UPSR, PMR,SPM- pass it already. Currently in uni.. erm.. berjuang untuk mendapat kejayaan dalam MEDAN ITU.Also tunggu nk dpt ANC je...hehe (amin.) Tp Kalu x sempat camne? eh, kalu meninggal suddenly pulak? enough dah ke amalan. Sumbangan to Ad-deen? Dah selesai ke TANGGUNGJAWAB kita dalam MEDAN ITU?
ponder and heed.

It's look like that we have gone through a lot of things. But how many of them will help us in the hereafter?
How limited is our life and how can we really be sure that we will live until tomorrow.
Wake up from your long sleep! (this command is intended to my own self )

Time will keep moving although your watch running out of battery. Don't make time left us behind. Nothing will change if we don't take step ahead. Success or failure of an individual based on how they manage their time. Good time management = every second is meaningful = book a ticket to Jannah.
" O you who have attained to faith! If you help [ the cause of ] God , He will help you, and will make firm your steps"  47:7
Bad time management = wasting a lot of times = miserable life = regret for the whole life.

"In Falsehood will they be Until, when death comes to one of them, he says: “O my Lord! send me back (to life),- In order that I may work righteousness in the things I neglected.” By no means! It is but a word he says. Before them is a Partition till the Day they are raised up." (23:99-100)

Try to work ALL OUT.

So let us strive to make the best of each second of our lives to ensure that each second is spent on pleasing Allah and each second that we waste on that which will not benefit us in the hereafter will be seconds that are wasted and seconds that we will regret FOREVER!

And Allah knows best in all matters. 

Ya Allah, tunjukkan kami jalan yang lurus!

(utk diri sendiri dan rest)