Thursday, February 10, 2011

Dan melangkah jua..


Alhamdulillah.. I am blessed with the opportunity to further my study. Maybe in our environment, whoever finishes their secondary school will further their study to university. It is a tradition. But in reality, its not.
 I never realize that until I entered to university. Socialize with people taught me to appreciate my opportunity studying in university.

Speaking of whichI had a chat with a friend one day. She told that she really thank to her sister as giving her the chance to further her study. Her sister willing to quit her study and find job to let her sister's ambition come true.SPEECHLESS.

Now i'm in my first semester in new uni. Love to enjoy campus life. New friends, new environment, new culture, more SERIOUS..haha
Btw, not only me who's going to start a new life in uni, my lovely friends too!! ❤❤

Thanks to Kinah for stugguling together in KBM..haha
Good Luck to Afifah- may enjoy aussie!! ~ doakan i'll visit there 1 day~ :)
Ruq: 頑張って!!

Some words for you..

Duhai Sahabat dengarkanlah
Bicara hatiku ini
Meskipun jarak memisahkan 
Namun tiada noktah kasih
Biarlah waktu menentukan
NIlai ukhwah yang terjalin
Teruskanlah perjuangan 
HInga ketitisan darah yang terakhir

Dan aku....Masih disini
Terus mendaki puncak tertinggi hidupku
Dan aku....Terus menanti
Saat yang manis akan berulang kembali


Monday, February 7, 2011

180 degree


(from a streak of a friend)
 Its just a word. But burdensome. Before this we always wondering why people refuse to change to be better. From unhealthy surrounding to a blessed life. Then, when I face it myself, I realize it's very tough to change. To left what we love,people we love,  routine we do everyday, friends, interest, hobbies. 
As Rasulullah himself and the muhajirin, they faced a lot of challenges and obstacles before they hijrah from Makka do Madinah.

From Abdullah bin Amr bin Ash reported that the Prophet said, ' A Muslim is one who makes others feel safe from the Muslims verbal and hands (actions). While Muhajir(who migrated) is a person who is leaving all that forbidden by Almighty God. (Muttafaqun Alaih).

Yes. Sometimes we feel jealous whenever we view our friends picture doing the thing you love in facebook or twitter. 
Seriously its hard, depressed,woebegone,ache,pain. But you have to. To begin a new life. To have a life blessed by Almighty Allah. To be a good Ummah. 

 Don't futur. Be strong.. Allah will always with you..

"Change for good is not a crime"

You the one who knows what's good for you. And you stating your independence.You decide how you live
Choice is yours and no one gets to make your mind up.You taking your own chances. You finding you own answers. You only answering to you and it's the way it's will be....

May Allah bless :)