Sunday, May 24, 2009

dimana kita datang di situ kita kembali

19 mei 2009:


a friend: Assalamualaikum, hello ma?
mama: w'salam ya??

a friend: Ma, sorry aa i forgot to bring your latter the one that nak fax tuh.
mama: oh never mind. that one can fax later. I've got something to tell you. kenal x a girl named
Alya sofea? ala kelas six years old tuh..

a friend: of courselah kenal my student tuh.. the one yg antr yg paling pandai agama.. (dalam
hati:please don't say she died) nape dgn die?
mama: Dah meninggal dah budak tuh. semalam.kat hospital.pnemoniea.....


Mati tidak kira tua atau muda... semua orang tahu benda tuh.. dan semua orang x nafikannya tapi bersediakah kita?
Bila ada kematian baru rase meremang bulu roma..time tulah nak fikir bilalah masaku pula? camne kematianku?? takut nak cerita.. but time lain??

complecated to fight nafsu.. ada certain tuh.. tau benda tuh lalai tapi tetap teruskan sebab it will puaskan hati.. Dunia..memang camtu

let us..
-try to help ourselves to save us in hereafter..
-practise to be good muslim..
-Pray for arwah that kid.. moga dicucuri rahmat..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Who will I be???

How to choose
who to be
well lets see
Theres so many chioces now
In my head, a voice says
Why not?
Why stop?
Reach for any dream
I can rock
Cause its my life and now's the time
iTS up to me
all the never ending
That I can SEE
There's Nothing that i can't do
yES I believe
I get to make the FUTURE
what I want to
If i can become anyone and
know the choice is
UP to me..
Who will i BE
If I decide
I'm the girl to change the world
I can do it anytime
Right in front of ME
and tHe Chioce is ALL MINE
I Wanna find who i am
who will be
I wanna show the way that

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Persimpangan antara 2..


Being a "penganggur" is not an easy work, as asyik makan,tido,tengok Tv,surf internet,guling2.. aish no wonderlah 5 month menganggur blh naik 10 kg!! ( huhu estimate je).. then when usha2 my friends blog, most of their new entry is about which should go.. what course and yada.. yada.. Dan this happen to me too.. musykil, runsing, ragu2, doubt..
which to go?? matrix lwn UiTM (haha most my friend dapat nih)
then everyone fr surrounding gives their opinions.. "you should ambil matrixlah easy get scholarship when you finished ur matrix.." ....."UiTM is better, easy to get job when u r graduated from uni.." and more and more..
then what should I do??

-Istakharah lah kawan.. insyallah ade jwpn nyer.. (do my istikharah sempurna??)
-Follow Your heart.. that will be the best choice ( Ye ker?)
- parents choice slalu betul.. ikut je lah

the reSt is [ history]

Kata putus?/ ozz.

Huh..Everyone has their own cara how to choose their choice.. No matter what keep usaha..usaha..and usaha.. look foward.
"x semua yang kita suka baik untuk kita and x semua yang kite benci buruk untuk kita"

Try to tenangkan hati.. May Allah Bless

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Road to Indonesia.. hubbun Malaysia


Never dreaming go to Indonesia.. huh..Rezeki.. although is not far as pergi umrah or europe... but it still overseas!! After a week i've been there i realise that, there are some culture that really different between Tanah Melayu and Indonesia although both have same season, weather, food (namun we were suffered diarrhoea for a few days. ouch not suitable with the foods [Padang and Sunda]). x valetudinarian.Complecated to explain

1) Pantai Barat, Malaysia :

Homosapien 1: Buang je nasik tuh, sikit sangat, kang kalau simpan buat penuh fridge je.. last2 buang jugak. x de maknenye..

Homosapien 2: Layan..

Seluruh Kawasan Indonesia:

A rich man walking happily then suddenly a kid without sepatu (while gendong adik die): Pak, toplong pak, udah 3 hari nggak makan.. tolong pak..

continue to kejar that bapak until that bapak moving inside his car..

aish.. wistful

2) Lets go having luch!! Lapar bangat.. Eh Zohor! No hal lah.. Boleh solat kat restaurant..

Kat mane?? the restaurant's musholla. Can conclude kebanyakkan restaurant die ade musholla.. and the employees never forget to solat JEMAAH

3) The Indonesian people are so valiant and assiduous working and working..

4) Indonesia also teach meaning of syukur.. (nyanyi lagu raihan-syukur:D)

Malaysia vs Indonesia
beautiful trishaw in Melaka VS Bajaj
Rapid KL VS Angkot
But Keranamu Malaysia..
I can live happily peacefully healthily.. because ... in our shopping complex, x de smokers yg continue to smoking kat semua kedai depan, kanan,kiri(cam istilah jiran dlm buku PI)... Rakyat semua hidup selesa... sbb x delah ramai sgt yg layak msk bersamamu..
We had paint the town red.. seventh haven..