Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Persimpangan antara 2..


Being a "penganggur" is not an easy work, as asyik makan,tido,tengok Tv,surf internet,guling2.. aish no wonderlah 5 month menganggur blh naik 10 kg!! ( huhu estimate je).. then when usha2 my friends blog, most of their new entry is about which should go.. what course and yada.. yada.. Dan this happen to me too.. musykil, runsing, ragu2, doubt..
which to go?? matrix lwn UiTM (haha most my friend dapat nih)
then everyone fr surrounding gives their opinions.. "you should ambil matrixlah easy get scholarship when you finished ur matrix.." ....."UiTM is better, easy to get job when u r graduated from uni.." and more and more..
then what should I do??

-Istakharah lah kawan.. insyallah ade jwpn nyer.. (do my istikharah sempurna??)
-Follow Your heart.. that will be the best choice ( Ye ker?)
- parents choice slalu betul.. ikut je lah

the reSt is [ history]

Kata putus?/ ozz.

Huh..Everyone has their own cara how to choose their choice.. No matter what keep usaha..usaha..and usaha.. look foward.
"x semua yang kita suka baik untuk kita and x semua yang kite benci buruk untuk kita"

Try to tenangkan hati.. May Allah Bless

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