Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my Dear KAS


31 May 2009

Tomorrow is KAS day- the fifth Kem Anak Soleh. Wow!!

That night we (me and other ajk.. haha) cannot sleep..just can temenung kat shiling and think for tomorrow event. huhu scare about the registration. About 60 students has been register. That night when I called all the Fc.. just 2/5 amount them can attend on the first day..Hayya!! How can me(the risauwes pengurus lokasi) and 2 other fc conduct the majlis?? And Allah is the best... On the mornig event day, kak Iman sms me that she will help us at TUDM.. My adeks also were dipaksa tu join me there.. Alhamdulillah. Registration agak topsy-turvy.. tp bolehlah.. Makin lama, makin ramai parents register anak die by walk in je.. tried to tell to the parents to come next week..
>"Puan, rasenye dah penuh, kalau next week still kosong lagi"
> " oh ye ker, tapi saya balik kg "
> "Oh tapi x pe kot, 2 org je"

but the coversation still continue with another 2, 3 parents.. and 2+2+2+.....= 70!!!!
And 4 of us (not including my adeks as they gabung ngan ade 1 fc ikhwah).. conducting the KAS with happy, penat, tension, pening..
Huhu still can't believe that i can conduct about 25 camtu, 7-11 years old boys yg agak 'nakal + lawak balada + byk songeh' yg smpi tahap org x mau jg group diorg.. haha
Tapi x pe.. ini sume khoje dakwah yg x berat sgt as org kat palestin, ulama2...
ikhlaskn hati...

and Kapten Tarmizi said tahniah to us!!!

But the next day...
aaaaaa.makin susah nk dikawal.. sesungguhnya fc dah bertambah lagi 3 org... ape kes??
resit pun x abes bagi lagi
its look like me is not perfect enough to conduct something..
x pe cube lagi.. May Allah help us
Always try our best no matter what..
Kepada sumua fc yg berkerjasama with me, thank you very much, tankje wol, syukran for being a good fc and help to uruskan peserta!!!

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