Friday, December 31, 2010

Di bawah naungan itu


Alhamdulillah.. after many times postpone, finally we got  the precious chance to visit one of a kind of "rumah pengasih" which a place that provides protection and assistance to youth, those that being the  victim of this social phenomenon.

The 1st expression when we arrived at the house were pity, fear, exited and speechless. After some briefing, we were invited to start our program.
The most interesting programs was making donuts! It is impressive that they really skilled in making donuts.
While making donuts, there were some chat that really impressed us.

>adik, so how do you feel living here?
>> Ok kak.
> oh.. then what is ur daily activities?
>>pagi bangun pukul 3. Then prepare for qiamullai. Qiamullai until solat subuh.
    lepas tu ada tilawah pagi, tilawah petang, mathurat, majlis ta'lim.And we're fasting on monday and thursday.

momentarily speechless.
wow!! their life really mesmerize us.
What about us? 
Do our amalan as many as theirs? 
Although they have done the worst act but they try to improve themselves.

Check balik diri. 


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