Saturday, May 21, 2011

Jauh Perjalanan Luas Kepeningan 2


After 2 years holding status P, now we will be installed with full licence. Alhamdulillah. Driving with full of arrogant while passing through car with P sticker.(Astaghfirullah). But, it does'nt mean that we are an expert and guaranteed to be safe in our journey. That is why a lot of accident occur although they holded full D licence for many year.

Adaptation on true story ( i think so)- on experience of a car passenger.

Reason to drive: Attending a programme
Before leave:
Auntie Afra': Kakak, although u get your licence, but i'm still doubting you. You drive quite dangerous sometimes and never memorize the way. Give the key to your Kak Ika. Let her drive.
Kakak        : Yela mak :(

In the car:
Kak Ika: Eh, it should be me sitting at the driver sit.
Kaka    :  It's okay. Let me drive. Don't underestimate my ability...hehe
Kak Ika: *sigh

On the way:
Kakak: Kak ika, where is the best way to go to the place? erm, i just want to make sure that we arrive on time. hehe (hiding weakness) 
Kak Ika: *sigh again. Let us try together.

few minutes later: 
Kakak: We have lost here before. Remember this way? 
Kak Ika: Of course I do. But, where should we go? ( innocent face)
Kakak   : Aish..

In short- there were many times, nearly crashed, astray. tiresome. You can't feel it until you get in their shoes. huhu. (the rest is history)

Kakak: This is a nightmare. Seriously.. I won't driving again until I get my own car!! 
Kak Ika: haha.. . Don't really afraid. We safe now. haha

Moral of the story:
- obey your parents.
- If you not sure where to go  + KK- drive slowly.
- Passenger, give instruction (base on signboard), 5 minutes before reach the junction.  whether to go left or right.
-make sure your car center
-Then? -think-

read and heed.. (especially for those that understand and has gone through this)  hehe
Drive safely.
Sorry for this messy words.


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