Saturday, July 28, 2012

I'm not perfect.


Alhamdulillah i had finished my last paper few days a go. What a relief!  This is the hardest part since I was in uni. I don't know what did  I "goreng" on the papers. Almost papers were very difficult. Seriously!! Once, there was my friend cried after end of 1 very killer paper. No one of us left the hall, that time without groaning.NO ONE. See, how difficult it is. But , when I tell my friends on how difficult it is, then they will say  " alaa, tipulah susah.. awak pulak. Kan budak pandai. takkan rasa susah punya."

How frustrating it is.

Not everyone perfect. Bukan semua budak dekan tu boleh jawab soalan dengan tutup mata je. They also ordinary people. Who also faced difficulties.

So, be with them. They also need friend to support them behind. Susah dan Senang. This what we call ukhuwah.

May be blessed to everyone.

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