Thursday, December 11, 2008

True story: 2 sahabat and a chinesse lady


A friend went to Masjid Jamek with her friend walking around as they finished their SPM. Nak dipendekkan cerita, when they were walking suddenly there was a Chiness old lady mintak diaorg RM 1.50 untuk her bus fare balik Old Folks Home. Cam pelik. Tapi they gave her the amount of money. Then, she gave my friend duit Iran which is 5000 ape pun I don't know. She as her to keep the money and jgn hilangkannya. Her friend said ada seorg tu tengok diaorg buat muka pelik. Did what they do are wrong?? But when I'm thinking it back, kitaorg as human being should help each other x kira races or agama die apa. Because we are create to lengkap melengkapi ba'dohu ba'do. I hope that old chiness lady tu selamat sampai ke her Old Folks Home :p

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