Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tips of effective public speaking

Are you???
1. Thinking that public speaking is inherently stressful ?
2. Trying to impart too much information or cover too many points in a short presentation?
3. Trying to please everyone ?(this is unrealistic).
4. Trying to emulate other speakers rather than simply being yourself?
5. Trying to control the wrong things (e.g., the behavior of your audience).
6. Spending too much time over preparing?

Set your mind to:-
1. Understand your own communication style. – Body language? Way of receive information?

2. Speaking in Public is NOT Inherently Stressful
- Don’t be scare to what the people will think about you.
- Just ignore about the grammar when you are to afraid…

3. You Don't have to be Brilliant or Perfect to Succeed
- It’s okey to make mistakes
- It all depends on how you, and your audience, define "success."

4. All You Need is Two or Three Main Points.
-As long as YOU focused on these two or three key points, you will able to speak at length
about them by naturally drawing upon your past experiences and knowledge.

5. You also Need a Purpose That is Right for the Task
- Its very important to avoid lot of unnecessary stress and anxiety.
6. The Best Way to Succeed is Not to consider Yourself a Public Speaker!
- Be your self :p
7. Humility and Humor Can Go a Long Way
- everyone have their on weaknesses, so just don’t afraid to admit yours.
8. When You Speak in Public, Nothing "Bad" Can Ever Happen!

9. You Don't Have to Control the Behavior of Your Audience

10. In General, the More You Prepare, the Worse You Will Do
- Be calm and take a breath! :p

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