Monday, April 25, 2011

Muslimah wanted


Women.This is a story about you and me- so don't just ignore it..

They are women. Like you. Like your mother. Your sister. Your Friends.
They are too precious and highly respected. Our prophet Muhammad also greatly respected women.
Ya, we do greatly respect them and love them.

Yet, only we just did it. They do not appreciate our honor. Why?
Because they keep hawking on themselves. Without hesitate. And their best friends ever continuously supporting from rear. Baik ke kawan tuh?
Besides, they willing to sacrificed their valuable time and money to prate entahpapentah with men which perhaps using them for their own sake and something like "udang di sebalik batu."
Dan juga, they do aksi kejam- played other feelings.
and again, woman keep dedah sana-sini budget she the hottest one. HUrm..
The worst of them all which staining Malaysia's name- ZINA rate too high hingga gov. terpaksa open a special school for the penzina yang dah pregnant. 

Notwithstanding we did advise and admonish them, still they keep do those kind of attitude. They happy to do that. Sangat-sangat.

Camni ke muslimah? 
Baitul Muslim boleh terbentuk?

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