Friday, November 4, 2011

Precious Salamah Ibn Dinar Advice


In last week " happy circle", my happy circle-mate had presented on story of taba'een. It's a good presentation. Really good. It really motivate me. Credit to her for present it.
 Haa, have you realize that taba'een story is a motivational story? If yes, thumb ups for you and if not, please go to the nearest bookshop to buy a taba'een book. :) Not many people realize on it. But seriously, taba'een stories really good to read if you want to motivate yourself. For duniawi and ukhrawi. Believe me.

What? Don't believe me?
Ok then. Have you heard on Salamah Ibn Dinar? His story really motivate me and make me really excited to know more stories on taba'een life.

Who's Salamah Ibn Dinar?

Salamah was a Muslim ascetic, jurist and narrator of hadith from the taba'een generation. 
Many of Salamah ibn Dinar's words of wisdom and advice for spiritual development have been recorded and contemplated by later generations of Muslims. 

Some of his word that I loved:
The goods of the Hereafter are a dead stock now, you should buy as much as you can of them because on the day when they are saleable you can't have anything of them.


If you are satisfied from the life of this world (dunya) with what is sufficient for you, then the minimum is sufficient, But if you are not satisfied with what is sufficient, then nothing can satisfy you

Stymied again.

There was a time when a Khalifah went to seek for Salamah's advice.

And he asked:
Why people really afraid to die?

Salamah answerd:
Because we inhabit our world and destroy our hereafterFinally, we hate to let go our prosperity and move to destruction. 


Best? :)

This is just a few of it. There're still a lot. 

You may find some other wisdom words here..
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May helpful and motivate you..

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