Thursday, February 2, 2012

Say bye2 to silly Nobita!


Oh yeah, it has been quite a while since the last time I write something in this blog huh? Have been focusing on  final exam and was kinda busy lately. So here I am! :) 

Ok, this topic may sound ridiculous to people with my own age (20s) especially, but it doesn't matter as long it gives you some pengajarankan?  After few decades waiting, finally Doraemon has come to an end. Have you realise it ? Prehaps some of you say yes. Its look like i'm bit late here as the story has published 5 years ago.haha. For those that may not have watched it, you can click here to watch:

You know what, the ending seriously surprised me! When I was kid, i was expecting that Doreamon will end with Nobita will married Sizuka and live happily ever after and all of them-  Nobi, Giant and Sunyo will be best friend. 
And yes, it ends as expected. But the story ends beyond the expectation!  I never wonder that vexing,delinquent,silly,careless, frivolous Nobita will change to superb person!
Dr Nobi :)

Nobita had become the number one robotics in Japan! Do you have any idea how he can be so genius like that?
It started when Doreamon malfunction. That made Nobita realise not everything in this world that he can get easily as easy as ABC. If you desire for something you should strive for it. Since that, Nobita always strives wholeheartedly and be a strong person.Nobita always determined to be best. Keep Changing to be a better person.

Everybody can change.

Everybody should change. To a better life. Especially the Muslims.

Saidina ali said:
Woe to those who today is worse than yesterday, and tomorrow is worse than today.


Another think that this story make me ponder:
Am I struggling study all days for the knowledge or only to get high score? 


1 line that i love :

"Score is not what I want. It is the knowledge. Still, still have to struggle."-Nobita-

Knowledge is power.
Allah will raise those who have believed among you and those who were given knowledge, by degrees.

Don't give up in seeking  knowledge.Constantly make du'a that Allah helps us to see the TRUTH as a TRUTH and to see FALSE as FALSE. Don't ever fell that we're silly ke ape kalau kita slow sikit from others. Sebab Nobita dah membuktikannya! (although it's only a cartoon:] )

Hopefully benefit us all. 

May be blessed.