Monday, January 12, 2009

She is.. Mualliamh

A friend had been offered to be an "ustazah" at a large kindergarten nearby her house as the kindergarten waiting for anyone to take the job permanently. She told that the first class that she attended was not very bad as in the morning maybe the kids are not really active. Just need to teach Alif, Ba, Ta and so on the end the class. But the second class which is a mere 5 years old kids, was very bad for her to controll. Very unfortunately for her sebab there is a mom of one of the kid yang duduk skali dgn anak die because that kid akan nangis when his mom balik. Imagine for your first day of being of cikgu tadika dah kene macam ISO and kene pantau cam cikgu kat skola kene pantau cara ajar by pihak atasan. She told that, die hanya berserah sebab sampai habis class still x dpt controll class. Dlam 1 jam kene tahan malu ngan mom dak tu. The third class was the best six years old class. Tu kira klas kids pandai lah. Baru masuk je dah kene warning from one of da kids " please speak in english". ajar agama bahasa english tu although da book tulisan first can controll and all muka radiants semacam je. Tp bile suruh buat latihan tetiba class terus jd bising semacam sebab sume nk tanya dlm satu mase.Cam pasar malam pun ade lah... But something in her mind, to be a da'ie although kat a mere 5 and 6 years old kids, we need to be PATIENT...and always doa to Allah for helping you... x de beza rasenye dakwah kat mere kids or enormous adults...sebab 2x susah nak ajak...
ANd... she said: teringat muallimah kata dulu.. "nk rase betapa susahnya jadi muallimah kamu sendiri kene cuba dulu"
dan dah dirasai oleh beberapa sahabatnya....
seksa x kira lapisan umur.. HARGAI MUALLIM..THERE ARE MUALLIMS

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